I know most of us don’t like how playstore doesn’t automatically backup apk file of an application when your install it from Play Store . We have to go through the stress of manually backing-up the APK file of an Android application.
Play store doesn’t let us directly download APK files neither on desktop or phone. When we install an application using Play Store’s ‘Install’ button, it saves the APK package to a temporary location, installs the APK and then deletes the temporary APK file. Making us unable to get the APK file.
We might want to install an app offline because some applications have so big size that is a problem for most Nigerians with limited internet access. In other cases, you might want to decompile or analyze an APK file or edit its icon or name. An installer file also helps you to send an application to your friend, so your friend doesn’t need to download it from internet.
After making lots of research I found an app called App Backup & Restore. This application will do the job of auto backup of APK files. When you install an app from Play Store or from other source, App Backup & Restore will automatically make a backup copy of the application’s APK file to a specified location (you can change backup location from Settings).
                  FEATURES OF THE APP
✓Backup and restore apps.
✓Auto backup on install (needs to be  turned on from settings).
✓Multi version backup (you can set how many versions to keep).
✓ Share an app (APK file) via WiFi or Bluetooth.
✓ Send APK files via Email.
✓ Send an APK file to cloud storage services (requires the standalone service apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. to be installed).
To upload or send a file, tap on an app in Archived tab and choose Send.
Note: It doesn’t backup data files and settings of applications.
1. Open the app
2. Tap on the three vertical dots from top right corner and choose Settings.
3.Scroll down to bottom area and turn on auto backup(You can also mark Auto Backup Notify to get notification when an app’s backup is made)



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