A man in Utah, USA is seeking to marry his laptop. Not that he loves his laptop so much, but that he believes that if homosexuals are allowed to marry people of their own gender, he should be allowed to marry a laptop.
The Utah Attorney General has filed its defence arguing that the laptop is in no position to consent to such a marriage, and even if it were, it would have to be at least 15 years old per Utah law, which this laptop is not.
The Utah Attorney General’s Office has sought to have the lawsuit dismissed on a number of fronts, primarily arguing that computers cannot consent to marriage. (Sevier is acting as his own attorney in Utah, but has previously been barred from practicing law in Tennessee. He has a lengthy history of filing unusual lawsuits against states.)
Indeed, Furse’s order says, “Mr. Sevier must further focus his amended complaint and remove immaterial, redundant, or offensive language. Mr. Sevier’s Complaint must provide the Defendants with fair notice of his claims and the grounds upon which the claims rest.”
She gave him 30 days from March 28 to file a revised amended complaint.


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