Hi guys, KamogTechs has brought you MTN unlimited browsing again after I brough MTN unlimited earlier this month which later got blocked.well this MTN unlimited is almost the same with the former one and doesn’t require any app.its simple to activate.
So to get yours quickly follow the steps below


1. Open your phones message
2. Send XXXXXHSHSMyappHSHS to 131
You will get a message saying you have a bonus of 100MB valid for 3 days.Dail *559*4# to check.
Source: KamogTechs

3.dial *123*5*7*3#.then select 1 and send, select 1 again and send.
4.it will ask you to unsubscribe. Select 1 and send again.
5.Now u have unsubscribe
6.send XXXXXHSHSMyappHSHS  to 131 again and keep repeating the process to accumulate the data for unlimited Browsing
NOTE:This is different from the other myapp cheat I brought earlier this month
Comment below if you have any question


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