It can be really frustrating when ads pop up when you are browsing, chatting or even playing games,Due to the fact that you are using anonytun vpn.
Well,I’av found a better ads free,fast and stable version of anonytun vpn,it called anonytun beta,it has the same interface with the Normal anonytun and requires the same settings but in a different language(Spanish) but since you are used to the normal anonytun you shouldn’t have any problem using it. So let’s take a look at the amazing features of the VPN
1. It’s ads free
2. It has a very fast browsing and downloading speed
3. It doesn’t eat up  battery or ram
4. It requires same settings as the normal anonytun
5. Doesn’t require you to uninstall the normal anonytun
You can download it from here and if you don’t know the settings check it out here


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