Hi guys, I just found a way to download and stream unlimitedly on any Network, today after I finished phy 102 tutorial in school, some guys just came in and said they want to tell us about a cool new app they just launched that allows us to download and stream movies unlimitedly and that they will on hotspot for us to download it and give the first 100 people to download it gifts, so I waited and listened. The app is called iflix and it’s similar to the Airtel NuVu which is only available to Airtel users you can read How to download and stream movies unlimitedly on Airtel using Nuvu here  but unlike NuVu this works for all networks.

 IFLiX is an Internet TV service that allows you to download and stream movies, Online and offline, for as long as one is subscribed to the App. You can watch Nollywood, Hollywood movies, TV Series, Kids, Gospel, Music and more, without data costs. Enjoy a high quality, buffer-free experience, direct to your smartphone through one single application. However, while there is a free trial service period, there is equally periods you need to pay some money in order to continue enjoying the app so let’s look at how it works. 

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                      HOW IT WORKS
This Iflix app works for all networks, it allows you download videos to your mobile devices without subscribing for an additional data bundle. 
You get free 30days trial with access to unlimited contents after which you can subscribe to continue enjoying the app

✓ Iflix opens up unlimited access to movies, series and music, playable directly on your smartphone.
✔  you can watch the content as often as you like, whenever and wherever you like, within the subscription period or download them.
✔️ Search a continually growing library of the best titles from across the globe, with new frequent releases.
✔ Receive recommendations based on your previous viewing habits, as well as suggested hit shows and new releases.
✓Great content, easy to use, one single destination! Start your free trial today and enjoy unlimited access to the best of Hollywood and Nollywood at no additional data charge.
What do you think about the app?is it better than NuVu Let us know via your comments below


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