I know most of you already know the settings and interface of the normal anonytun so anonytun beta isn’t a problem for you,but there are still those that are new to it and find the Spanish language confusing so they asked me to show them how to set it up. So let’s take a look at the requirements and settings.
Glo Sim with ₦0.0k
Stable Glo Network
AnonyTun Beta VPN
Android phone
✔  Download AnonyTun Beta Apk here
✔️ Launch the app
✔️ Now click on CONFIGURACIÓN(stealth settings)
✔ Then turn on tunel vpn
✔ Change Protocolo to HTTP
✔ Change Puerto to 80
✔ Next tick PAYLOAD
✔ Click Editar Payload (Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)

✔ Then apply the settings below
✔️ URL/Host: redirect.glo.com
✔ Request method: POST
✔ Injection method: Normal
✔ Tick User-Agent
✔️ Leave other boxes un-ticked

✔ Now click on Generate, then Save
✔ Finally, go back to the app homepage and click on CONNECTAR, it should connect in a few seconds.
Now enjoy a faster free ads smooth browsing
And if you still prefer the normal Anonytun you can check how to set it up here and check out how to download at a super speed with kamogtechs browser here


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