How To Download Large Files With Airtel Social Data Bundle On Opera Mini

Airtel social Data Subscription bundle is one of the most porpular and cheapest data subscription in Nigeria. It grants subscribers access to all social media apps like WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, Instagram and many others.

The airtel social Data bundle also allows subscribers to browse and download using the popular opera mini browser, however it was restricted to only download files of 15Mb or less.

But worry no more as i will be showing you a step-by-step guide on how to download large files(files from 15MB and above) with the airtel social bundle.

How To Download Large Files (Above 15MB) With Airtel Social Bundle On Operamini 

Step 1
Download and install the older version of operamini V7.6

Step 2
If you don’t have an active social bundle then subscribe to any Airtel social bundle.

Step 3
Launch the operamini browser then visit the site that has the file you want to download

Step 4
Tap and hold the download link of the file you want to download and Select open in new tab then quickly click on the reload button(Note: Don’t go to the new tab you created)

Step 5
You will see a pop up showing your download options asking you to either save or cancel, don’t click on anything till the page you reloaded finishes reloading, after the page finishes reloading then you can now click on save.

Thats all,the file will start downloading in a few seconds.
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