mtn free browsing with http injector

Hello guys! the long-awaited MTN free browsing has finally arrived, though the cheat isn’t unlimited but it’s still manageable since we haven’t been able to use any MTN free browsing since the beginning of this year.

Today am going to teach you how to accumulate 1.5Gb Mtn game+ data and tunnel all apps with it to browse and download.



How to accumulate 1.5Gb of Mtn game+ Data

(1) Send Xmas to 2200, then you will get a reply from mtn Game+ saying

You’ve received Free 150MB from Game+, Dial *559#
to query. To win N500 airtime, Follow us on or visit

(2) After receiving the above sms you will also get a reply from mtn saying

Dear customer, You have successfully subscribed to Game+ Free Trial and N0.00 deducted from your account. your service will be renewed on 2017-12-22. To cancle, text STOP anycmd to $SMSAccessNo$ or dial *447# to view other services. Thank you!

(3) Dail *559# to check if you have received your Game+ 150mb data, then send stop to 2200. you will receive an sms saying


You have successfully unsubscribed from Game+ Free Trial. We would love to have you back! To subscribe again, text anycmd to $SMSAccessNo$ or dial *447# to view other services. Thank you!

(4) The next step is to accumulate your Game+ data, to keep accumulating your game+ data just send Xmas to 2200 again then stop to 2200. just keep repeating these steps till you get to 1.5gb.

How to power all apps with the mtn game+ data

Step 1

Install and launch the http injector you downloaded from the link above then click on the fill icon at the top right corner, then select import config.

step 2
Locate and import the Game+ ehi file you downloaded above then click on connect.

step 3
This step 3 is for those that are finding it difficult to connect, if it doesn’t connect just leave it will its still connecting and switch to airplane mode then switch off airplane mode back it will surely connect (Don’t switch off your data or the http injector before switching to airplane mode).

That’s how easy it is to get and accumulate Mtn Game+ 150mb to 1.5Gb and power all apps with it. if you have any questions kindly ask via the comment box below.



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