How To Keep Your SmartPhone Running Like New

When you use a new smartphone it will run smoothly, lag free and very fast but as time goes on you will begin to notice that the performance begins to deteriorate, which get’s you disappointed thereby going for a new one.

But its very easy to keep your smartphone running at its optimal performance for years by just following the simple steps below.

Best Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Performance

  • Buy a screen protector and casing: when I buy a new smartphone the first thing I do after getting it out of its box is to get a screen protector (screen guide). this is to protect it from Wear and tear and even give it a better chance of not breaking if it falls.
  • Fully charge and discharge the battery: The next thing you need to do is to charge your phone for 7-8 hours (Leave it plugged in even if it shows battery full), then unplug and power on the device and use it till the battery drains finish before charging again.(Drain the battery only after first full charge)
  • Update to the latest operating system: The latest version of an operating system(OS) comes with many bugs fixes and improved performance to make your smartphone run faster and more smoothly.
  • Avoid too many apps & widgets on the home screen: keeping too many apps and widgets on your home screen slows down the performance of your smartphone and also a affects the battery life.
  • Uninstall bloatware’s: Bloatware are the unwanted apps that come pre-installed on a smartphone, they don’t only take up space they can also eat up your Ram and drain your battery. some bloatware’s can’t be uninstalled but can be disabled which prevents them from eating up your ram.
  • Uninstall unwanted apps: You must have installed an app and it didn’t turn out as you’d anticipated or you must have played a game and have gotten tired of it, its always advisable to uninstall then as quick as possible because they won’t just use up your smartphone’s storage they can also slow down your smartphone’s performance if they keep running in the background.
  • Install an anti-virus: An anti-virus will scan your smartphone for any virus, malware and lags regularly, it will also warn you if an app you are about to install will harm your device.
  • Close background apps: leaving background apps running slows down your smartphone’s performance and also drains the battery faster.
  • Always turn off your wi-fi, Bluetooth and location when not in use: leaving your wi-fi, Bluetooth and location on doesn’t only slow down and drain your smartphone it also leaves you vulnerable to different types of attacks. like how we were able to use someone’s airtime through Bluetooth using super Bluetooth hack if you can remember back then in 2008.
  • Always clear the cached data of all your apps regularly: cache data of apps will clog up your smartphone’s memory if you don’t clear them regularly which will slow down your smartphone’s performance.
  • Avoid using live wallpapers: Although live wallpapers make’s your phone look attractive and appealing but I will advise you not to use them because they drain battery life.



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